First record of the Dhole Cuon alpinus (Mammalia: Carnivora: Canidae) in Barandabhar Corridor Forest, Chitwan, Nepal

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Saneer Lamichhane
Aashish Gurung
Chiranjibi Prasad Pokheral
Trishna Rayamajhi
Pabitra Gotame
Pramod Raj Regmi
Babu Ram Lamichhane


Systematic Camera trapping on the Barandabhar Corridor Forest recorded the presence of the endangered Wild Dog/Dhole in the area. A total of 1320 camera trap night efforts were conducted in the area in two blocks from 15th Dec 2015 to 20th Jan 2016. A single picture of dhole was captured and was sympatric with other large carnivores like tiger Panthera tigris tigris, leopard P. pardus, and golden jackal Canis aureus. This first record of Dhole outside the National Park opened a new gate for officials, wildlife conservationist, scientific communities, managers to think about its conservation. It also adds the proof of the healthy functionality of this corridor.


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Saneer Lamichhane, National Trust For Nature Conservation (NTNC)

Conservation Officer


Aashish Gurung, National Trust for Nature Conservation

Conservation Officer

Chiranjibi Prasad Pokheral, National Trust for Nature Conservation

Project Manager

Trishna Rayamajhi, National Trust for Nature Conservation

Natural Resource Conservation Assistant

Pabitra Gotame, National Trust for Nature Conservation

Program Assistant

Pramod Raj Regmi, National Trust for Nature Conservation

Natural Resource Conservation Assistant

Babu Ram Lamichhane, National Trust for Nature Conservation

Research Officer (Wildlife)


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