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Vol. 14 No. 5 (2022)

Published: 2022-05-26

Drought may severely reduce the ability of wild Asian Elephants Elephas maximus (Mammalia: Proboscidea: Elephantidae) to resist opportunistic infections

B.M. Chandranaik, Vardhaman Patil, D. Rathnamma, G. S. Mamatha , K.S. Umashankar, D.N. Nagaraju, S.M. Byregowda


Cases of fatal electrocution of the endangered Javan Gibbons (Mammalia: Primates: Hylobatidae) by power lines

Yoonjung Yi, Soojung Ham, Rahayu Oktaviani, Mia Clarrisa Dewi, Muhammad Nur, Ani Mardiastuti, Jae C. Choe


Ichthyo-parasitological studies in northeastern India

Arup Kumar Hazarika, Bobita Bordoloi


New additions to the lichen biota of Assam from Dhubri district, northeastern India

Suparna Biswas, Rebecca Daimari, Pungbili Islary, Sanjeeva Nayaka, Siljo Joseph, Dalip Kumar Upreti, Pranjit Sarma


Nectar robbing by sunbirds on the flowers of Morinda pubescens J.E. Smith (Rubiaceae)

A.J. Solomon Raju, S. Sravan Kumar, G. Nagaraju, C. Venkateswara Reddy, Tebese Peter Raliengoane, L. Kala Grace, K. Punny, K. Prathyusha, P. Srikanth


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