CEPF Western Ghats Special Series : New records of the Endangered balitorid loach, Travancoria elongate Pethiyagoda & Kottelat 1994, from the Kerala part of the Western Ghats, India

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J. Emmanuel
K. Krishnakumar
B. Pereira
A. Kanagavel
A. Ali
R. Raghavan


Travancoria elongata is a rare balitorid loach endemic to the Kerala part of the Western Ghats, where it was till date known to occur in two locations, one each in the Chalakudy and Periyar River. The species was listed in the IUCN Red List as Endangered as a result of its restricted distribution, and continuing decline in the quality of habitats in its range. Here we present new records of this species from three locations (Mlappara, Thanikkudy and Mankulam) in the Periyar River. Although Mlappara and Thanikkudy are located within the highly protected Periyar Tiger Reserve, the third site (Mankulam) does not have any legal protection, and is subjected to threats such as agro-based pollution and proliferation of exotic species.

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