Genus Gymnopilus (Agaricales: Strophariaceae): addditions to the agarics of India

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N.A. Wani
M. Kaur
N.A. Malik


The present study deals with the diversity of the genus Gymnopilus collected from Kashmir Himalaya. Frequent fungal forage were undertaken during spring, summer, and autumn seasons as a result of which a systematic account of various taxa of the genus Gymnopilus was compiled. In the present paper six species of the genus are taxonomically described and identified as G. decipiens, G. aeruginosus, G. fuscosquamulosus, G. crocias, G. junonius, and G. liquiritiae. Out of all described species G. decipiens is reported for the first time from India while the other four are reported for the first time from northern India. In addition, only G. aeruginosus is reported for the first time from Bangiward, southern Kashmir. Detailed morpho-anatomical characters of these species with habitat photographs, line drawings of macro and microscopic features are given. An identification key to the described species are also given.

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