Taxonomic notes, a new species, and a key to Indian species of the click beetle genus Cryptalaus Ȏhira, 1967 (Coleoptera: Elateridae: Agrypninae)

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Harshad Parekar
Amol Patwardhan


Cryptalaus alveolatus sp. nov. is described and illustrated from India. The species has unique morphological characters: conspicuous longitudinal median ridge on pronotum, elytral interstria II more depressed than interstriae I and III. The Indian fauna of the genus Cryptalaus Ȏhira, 1967 is updated and represented by seven species: C. alveolatus sp. nov., C. assamensis (Schwarz, 1902) comb. nov., C. eryx (Candèze, 1874), C. lynceus (Candèze, 1874), C. nodulosus (Waterhouse, 1877) comb. nov., C. sculptus (Westwood, 1848) and C. sordidus (Westwood, 1848). Genitalia and terminalia of male and female C. sordidus are also illustrated. A key to the Indian species of Cryptalaus is given.

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