A new species of shieldtail snake (Reptilia: Squamata: Uropeltidae) from Kolli Hill complex, southern Eastern Ghats, peninsular India

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S.R. Ganesh
N.S. Achyuthan


We describe a new species of shieldtail (uropeltid) snake, Uropeltis rajendrani sp. nov., from the Kolli Hill complex of the southern Eastern Ghats in Tamil Nadu, India.  The new species belongs to the U. ceylanica group and is differentiated from related species in having 16–17:16–17:15–16 dorsal scale rows; 145–158 ventral scales; 8–11 pairs of subcaudals; dorsum uniform brown, anteriorly powdered with yellow mottling; venter brown, scales outlined with yellow.  This endemic species with a restricted range is known only from atop Kolli Hill complex, inhabiting higher elevation (> 900m) evergreen forests, where it is the only known member of this genus.

Allopatric species, endemism, isolated massif, Uropeltis rajendrani sp. nov., Western Ghats. 

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S.R. Ganesh, Chennai Snake Park, Rajbhavan Post, Raj Bhavan post, Guindy, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600020, India.



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