Durga Das’s Leaf-nosed Bat Hipposideros durgadasi Khajuria, 1970 (Mammalia: Chiroptera: Hipposideridae): a new distribution record in northern India hidden in the National Zoological Collections

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M. Kamalakannan
Tauseef Hamid Dar
C. Venkatraman


Durga Das’s leaf-nosed bat Hipposideros durgadasi Khajuria, 1970 is one of the endemic bats in India and was known only from Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh and Kolar district of Karnataka. Upon careful examination of the external morphology, craniodental and baculum structure of the bat collections, which were collected from 14 km west of Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh, northern India during the year 1998 and deposited in the National Zoological Collections of Zoological Survey of India were identified as Hipposideros durgadasi. It is the first report on the occurrence of Durga Das’s leaf-nosed bat in Uttar Pradesh and an additional distribution record in northern India.


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