Additions to the araneofauna of Andhra Pradesh, India - part II. Records of interesting species of the comb-footed genera Latrodectus, Rhomphaea and Coleosoma (Araneae: Theridiidae)

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C. Srinivasulu
B. Srinivasulu
S.M. Maqsood Javed
M. Seetharamaraju
S.A. Jyothi
C.A. Srinivasulu
F. Tampal


We report three interesting species of comb-footed spiders (Aranaea: Theridiidae) belonging to three different genera, namely, Latrodectus, Rhomphaea and Coleosoma, of which Latrodectus erythromelas is a first record to India, while Rhomphaea projiciens and Coleosoma floridanum are a first record to Andhra Pradesh. We provide the detailed description of Latrodectus erythromelas, Rhomphaea projiciens and Coleosoma floridanum.

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