New floral distribution records of Aquilegia nivalis (Baker) Falc. ex B.D. Jacks and Doronicum falconer C.B. Clarke ex Hook. f. from the Valley of Flowers National Park, Uttarakhand, India

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C.S. Rana
D.S. Rawat


During our study of the high altitude threatened alpine plant species Aquilegia nivalis Falc. ex Baker and Doronicum falconeri Cl. ex Hk. f. of the north-west Himalaya, some specimens were obtained from Garhwal and Pantnagar University, Uttarakhand State. On comparison with authentic specimens at CAL, DD and BSD herbaria and literature survey revealed that the aforesaid plant species have never been recorded earlier from the Valley of Flowers National Park. In this communication, a detailed taxonomic description, with an up to date nomenclature, distribution and specimens examined is presented.

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