An inventory of mammals, birds and reptiles along a section of the river and banks of upper Ganges, India

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T. Bashir
S.K. Behera
A. Khan
P. Gautam


A study was conducted to assess faunal diversity along a 165-km stretch of the upper Ganges River between Bijnor and Narora cities, Uttar Pradesh, from January to June 2007. Both river and bank species diversity of reptiles, birds and mammals using a combination of boat surveys, linear walks and random searches were inventoried. Presence of 18 species of mammals, 55 species of birds and 13 species of reptiles were recorded from the river stretch including 16 species of global conservation significance. Maximum encounter rate was observed for little cormorant (3.160 plus or minus 0.290), macaque (2.385 plus or minus 0.442) and brown roofed turtle (1.009 plus or minus 0.107). Our study is an attempt towards generating baseline information on the faunal diversity of the upper Ganges and we recommend exhaustive surveys and regular monitoring of this river stretch through indicator species approach.

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