A new species of flat-headed mayfly Afronurus meenmutti (Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae: Ecdyonurinae) from Kerala, India

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Marimuthu Muthukatturaja
Chellaiah Balasubramanian


A new species of mayfly (Heptageniidae: Ecdyonurinae) Afronurus meenmutti sp. nov. is described based on larvae and imagoes from the state of Kerala, southern India. The main characteristics that distinguish the new species from all other species are in having glossae oblong with two stout spines medially; lingua of hypopharynx deeply cleft; absence of postero-lateral spines on terga and gill I slightly lobate in the nymph. Hind wing with the acute costal process; stout spine dispersed on basal and surface of forceps in the adults.

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