Photographic record of Dholes predating on a young Banteng in southwestern Java, Indonesia

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Dede Aulia Rahman
Mochamad Syamsudin
Asep Yayus Firdaus
Herry Trisna Afriandi


A long-term camera-trap study of the Javan Rhinoceros in 2013 in Ujung Kulon National Park (UKNP), Indonesia, allowed us to document the first photographic evidence of Dholes preying on a young Banteng and other species. Our photographs suggested that Dholes get in large packs to predate on Banteng and commonly separate young from adults when attacking the young. Future research should examine the Dhole diet and interspecific relationships between Dhole and Banteng to gain a better understanding of the ecological impacts of endangered predators on endangered prey in UKNP.

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