A recent sighting of the Stripe-backed Weasel Mustela strigidorsa (Mammalia: Carnivora: Mustelidae) in Hkakabo Razi Landscape, Myanmar

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Sai Sein Lin Oo
Tun Tun
Kyaw Myo Naing
Paul Jeremy James Bates


 In March 2019, a Stripe-backed Weasel, Mustela strigidorsa, was observed in Hkakabo Razi Landscape, Myanmar. Although geographically widespread in southeastern Asia and neighboring areas of northeastern India and southern China, relatively little is known of this small carnivore, which is seldom recorded in camera traps or seen in the wild. In Myanmar, there are 24 previously published records, almost all from mountainous areas. The recent sighting was of a solitary animal, which was foraging at an altitude of 580 m in a thickly vegetated area in montane evergreen forest, close to a stream. The photographs and video footage are the first for the species from the country.

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