First record of a freshwater crab, Maydelliathelphusa masoniana (Henderson, 1893) (Decapoda: Brachyura: Gecarcinucidae) from West Bengal, India

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Ram Krishna Das


The genus Maydelliathelphusa Bott, 1969 includes five species, M. masoniana (Henderson, 1893), M. edentula (Alcock, 1909), M. falcidigitis (Alcock, 1910), M. harpax (Alcock, 1909), and M. lugubris (Wood-Mason, 1871), and is endemic to India. Out of the five species, only Maydelliathelphusa lugubris (Wood-Mason, 1871) was reported from West Bengal previously. Present study reports the second species, M. masoniana (Henderson, 1893), from West Bengal, India for the first time.

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