First record and description of female Onomarchus leuconotus (Serville, 1838) (Insect: Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae) from peninsular India

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Sunil M. Gaikwad
Yogesh J. Koli
Gopal A. Raut


The members of family Tettigoniidae, commonly called katydids, generally exhibit mimicry and camouflage with shapes and colours similar to leaves. The genus Onomarchus Stal is mainly distributed in temperate and tropical Asia, and was earlier reported from Assam and West Bengal in India. The species Onomarchus leuconotus (Serville, 1838) is reported here for the first time in peninsular India from the Western Ghats (Chandoli National Park, Kolhapur, Maharashtra). This record extends the known geographical range of this species by about 1630 km. As its holotype is not described from India, the female of O. leuconotus is described here via detailed diagnostic characters, colour photographs and illustrations. 

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