Dragonflies and damselflies (Insecta: Odonata) of Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

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Ashish D. Tiple
Vivek Sharma
Sonali V. Padwad


The present study was carried out to reveal the odonate diversity in Jabalpur city and its surrounding area in Madhya Pradesh, central India. During the study period of 2008–2019 a total of 75 species of odonates belonging to two suborders and nine families were recorded. Twenty-one new species were recorded for Jabalpur district and four for Madhya Pradesh; 37% (28) species were abundant or very common, 19% (14) were common, 16% (12) were frequent, 24% (18) rare, and 4% (3) very rare. The maximum number of odonates were found in family Libellulidae (n= 32), followed by Coenagrionidae (n= 17), Gomphidae (n= 09), Platycenemididae (n= 06), Aeshnidae (n= 05), Lestidae (n= 03), Macromiidae (n= 02), and Chlorocyphidae (n= 01). Of 75 species recorded from Jabalpur city, 72 come under the IUCN Red List. Among them, Indothemis carnatica come under Near Threatened (NT) category, 65 species come under Least Concern (LC) Category, six species under Data Deficient (DD), and three species remain not assessed. The study supports the value of the city area in providing habitat for Odonata.

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