New records of Agriocnemis keralensis Peters, 1981 and Gynacantha khasiaca MacLachlan, 1896 (Insecta: Odonata) from Maharashtra, India

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Yogesh Koli
Akshay Dalvi
Dattaprasad Sawant


Agriocnemis keralensis Peters, 1981 is reported for the first time from Maharashtra, India.  Previously it was known from Kerala and Goa states.  In this paper we report A. keralensis from Thakurwadi and Bambuli wetlands and Chipi Plateau, Sindhudurg District. Also, the new record of Gynacantha khasiaca MacLachlan, 1896 is confirmed on the basis of specimens collected from Sindhudurg District.  Hence, we report the range extension of both A. keralensis and G. khasiaca in northern Western Ghats.  Apart from this, a combined checklist of Odonata fauna of Thakurwadi (51 species), Bambuli wetlands (44 species), and Chipi Plateau (51 species) is provided. 

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