A new distribution record of Memecylon clarkeanum Cogn. (Melastomataceae) to Karnataka from Sharavathi river basin, central Western Ghats, India

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Malve Sathisha Savinaya
Jogattappa Narayana
Venkatarangaiah Krishna
Kalamanji Govindaiah Girish


Memecylon clarkeanum Cogn., a vulnerable species, is reported as a new record for Karnataka from primeval sacred forest, Rameshwara Devarakadu of Hulkodu village in the region of Sharavathi river basin, Sagar taluk, Shivamogga district, central Western Ghats. The present discovery highlights the importance of sacred groves in conserving rare, endangered and endemic flora. Prior to this, the species was reported as a new record for India from Kerala in 2012. The present paper illustrates the range extension of the species further towards northern latitudes up to central Western Ghats, Karnataka. The study assessed distributional range, habitat, ecology, status of threat, and vulnerability for planning conservation measures.

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