An inventory of the native flowering plants in East Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh, India

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Momang Taram
Dipankar Borah
Hui Tag
Ritesh Kumar Choudhary


The present study is an outcome of floristic surveys of East Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh, carried out during 2016–2019, and also a compilation of earlier published reports.  Vegetation analysis of this area along with a checklist of 508 taxa is presented.  A total of 503 species, one subspecies and four varieties of native flowering plants belonging to 348 genera and 102 families are reported.  Among these, 11 taxa are endemic to India, two Critically Endangered, one Vulnerable, one Near Threatened, two Data Deficient, and others either Least Concern or Not Evaluated as per IUCN criteria.  The study also documents two new distributional records for the flora of Arunachal Pradesh, and range extension of six lesser-known endemic species.  The most dominant families were found to be Poaceae (27 species), followed by Lamiaceae (23 species), Gesneriaceae (22 species), and Rubiaceae (20 species).  The number of new taxa described from the region, endemism, and the Red Listed plants strongly reflect the floristic importance of the region, which is in dire need of conservation.

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