Photographic record of Temminck’s Tragopan Tragopan temminckii (Gray, 1831) (Aves: Galliformes: Phasianidae) from eastern Bhutan: an evidence of its westward range expansion

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Tshering Dorji
Kinley Kinley
Letro Letro
Dawa Tshering
Prem Nanda Maidali


We report the second photographic evidence of Temminck’s Tragopan Tragopan temminckii from Bhutan.  Inhabiting warm broadleaved forest at an elevation of 2,952m, the species photo captured in a camera trap was much westward than its previous record, indicating westward range expansion of this rare and elusive bird.  

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Kinley Kinley, Tsirang Forest Division, Department of Forest and Park Services, Damphu, 36001 Bhutan.

Department of Forest and Park Services,

Ministry of Agriculture and Forest


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