Bheemamyces, a new genus of the family Asterinaceae (Ascomycetes)

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V.B. Hosagoudar
A. Sabeena
M.C. Riju


Bheemamyces with its type B. argyreicola, a new genus and a new species of the family Asterinaceae, collected on the leaves of Argyreia nervosa from the Malabar Botanic Garden, Kozhikode, Kerala, has been described and illustrated in detail. This genus differs from other genera of the family Asterinaceae in having the mycelia originated from the main hyphae, lifted slightly above the host surface, appearing like a ‘whip’, possessing intercalary and sub intercalary or sub lateral appressoria. Another such taxon, Asterina argyreiae Hansf. has been brought under this genus as Bheemamyces argyreiae (Hansf.) comb. nov.

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