First records of several sicydiine gobies (Gobiidae: Sicydiinae) from mainland China

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T.H.M. Nip


Surveys based on observation were conducted in clear streams in the mainland of southern China, and five sicydiine gobies, including four species new to the region, were recorded. All these fishes were never found to be common, and some were very rare. Two of them are considered to be threatened globally and the others are considered to be of regional conservation concern. Habitat destruction, modification and pollution are the main threats to these species; however, collection conducted for ornamental fish trade/ private aquarium use also constitutes a considerable risk to them. To protect these amphidromous species, the stream-ocean corridor should remain open naturally (i.e. no man-made obstacle), the stream environment such as the bottom and the flow should be maintained in a natural condition and harvesting activities should be strictly controlled.

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T.H.M. Nip

Tony Nip is currently working for Asia Ecological Consultants Limited as an ecologist. He has extensive experience in carrying out researches for fish communities in various environments such as mangrove, stream, river and shallow sea. Besides, he has also conducted studies related to aquatic invertebrates and odonates. Although he is mainly working in Hong Kong, he also conducts surveys in mainland China and southeast Asia.