Present status of the genus Sphrageidus Maes, 1984 (Lepidoptera: Erebidae: Lymantriinae) from India

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Amritpal Singh Kaleka
Devinder Singh
Gagan Preet Kour Bali


The surveys to different localities of Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand yielded three species of genus Sphrageidus Maes, namely S. similis (Fuessly), S. simlensis (Gupta) and S. xanthorrhoea (Kollar) of subfamily Lymantriinae. The external morphological characters particularly wing maculation and venation along with genitalia characteristics have been studied and illustrated in detail.  The male genitalic features like distinct saccus, ring-like juxta, simple valva, aedeagus with a hook or reversed spine at the apex and distinct wing venation, i.e., absence of vein M2 in hindwing completely conform the characterization of the genus. In the present studies, the species simlensis has been placed under genus Sphrageidus Maes making a new combination as Sphrageidus simlensis (Gupta) for its proper placement. The genus diagnosis has also been updated. The external morphological characters including wing maculation, venation and particularly the genitalic features proved significant from taxonomic point of view in all the three species.


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