Diversity, distribution and conservation status of the Adder’s-tongue ferns in Goa, India

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Sachin M. Patil
Kishore Rajput


The cosmopolitan fern genus Ophioglossum (Ophioglossaceae) is distributed from low to high altitude plateaux, coastal plains and forest floors of India.  This genus has received special attention from pteridologists worldwide since the discovery that Ophioglossum reticulatum possesses the largest number of chromosomes.  There are, however, no reported studies of Ophioglossum in Goa, hence the present investigation was undertaken to study the diversity, distribution and conservation status of Ophioglossum in that state.  A total of six species were collected from different localities, of which four (O. nudicaule, O. lusitanicum, O. parvifolium, and O. reticulatum) are reported as new distributional records for Goa State.  A detailed morpho-taxonomy, illustration and photographs of all collected species are given, along with a key to the species.

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