Crepidium aphyllum (Orchidaceae), a new record from Bhutan

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Kinlay Rabgay
Pankaj Kumar


The article talks about a new distribution record of an orchid namely, Crepidium aphyllum. Earlier it was known to be endemic to India. A brief description of the plant along with photographs is provided here for easy identification along with notes on phenology and ecology. This species has been globally assessed as Vulnerable.

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Rabgay, K. and Kumar, P. 2019. Crepidium aphyllum (Orchidaceae), a new record from Bhutan. Journal of Threatened Taxa. 11, 14 (Nov. 2019), 14914–14916. DOI:
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Kinlay Rabgay, Senior Forest Ranger, Trashigang Forest Division, Department of Forest and Park Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan.

Senior Forest Ranger, Trashigang Forest Division, Department of Forest and Park Services, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan

Pankaj Kumar, Kadoorie Farm and Botanical Garden, Lam Kam Road, Lam Tsuen, Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong S.A.R., P.R. China.

Orchid Conservation Section
Flora Conservation Department


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