Distribution of Lygosoma guentheri (Peter, 1879) (Reptilia: Scincidae) in Andhra Pradesh, India

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S.M.M. Javed
M. Seetharamaraju
K.T. Rao
F. Tampal
C. Srinivasulu


Lygosoma guentheri (Peter, 1879), hitherto a Western Ghats endemic species, has been recently recorded from the central Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh based on a specimen collected in the Nallamalai Hills in 2003. Our herpetological surveys in Andhra Pradesh reveal the presence of Lygosoma guentheri (Peter, 1879) in a few more localities other than the Nallamalai Hills. This paper deals with the distribution and status of Lygosoma guentheri (Peter, 1879) in Andhra Pradesh based on recent sightings and collections.

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