Contribution to the Macromycetes of West Bengal, India: 69–73

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Diptosh Das
Prakash Pradhan
Debal Ray
Anirban Roy
Krishnendu Acharya


The varied topography, soil and climate of West Bengal makes conducive conditions of macrofungal habitats nurturing magnificent diversity.  During exploration of macro-fungal diversity in Terai Duars region of the state during 2017–18, basidiocarps of different kinds of the genus Lentinus (Polyporaceae) were collected, photographed along with macro-morphological and ecological notes.  The specimens were identified through macro and micro-morphological characters following standard literature.  Five species of the genus Lentinus (L. araucariae, L. fasciatus, L. polychrous, L. sajor-caju, and L. squarrosulus) were identified which are presented in this paper along with amplified description, necessary figures and photographs.  Literature survey revealed that out of five identified species, L. araucariae and L. fasciatus represent new distributional record for India.  The outcome of the present study would enrich data related to the macro-fungal diversity from the state of West Bengal.


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