Barilius torsai (Teleostei: Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae), a new freshwater fish from the Brahmaputra drainage, India

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Kavita Kumari
Manas Hoshalli Munivenkatappa
Archana Sinha
Simanku Borah
Basanta Kumar Das


Barilius torsai is described from the Torsa, a tributary of Brahmaputra River system in West Bengal, India. The new species is distinguished from all its congeners by the presence of a complete lateral line with 52–53 scales, 29 pre-dorsal scales, pectoral fin notched, two well-developed pairs of barbels (rostral and maxillary), length of rostral barbel slightly larger than maxillary, which reaches the orbit.  Tubercles on snout and lower jaw absent, 9–11 blue vertical bars along the body, dorsal fin hyaline with dark pigment concentrated along lower two-third of the dorsal-fin rays.

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