Dhole Cuon alpinus (Mammalia: Carnivora: Canidae) rediscovered in Bardia National Park, Nepal

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Shailendra Kumar Yadav
Babu Ram Lamichhane
Naresh Subedi
Ramesh Kumar Thapa
Laxman Poudyal
Bhagawan Raj Dahal


An increasing intensity of camera traps recorded the presence of poorly known and globally Endangered Asiatic Wild Dogs Cuon alpinus from different locations in recent years in Nepal.  After 18 years since the previous report, we recorded 29 photos and a video of Dholes in four independent detections with an effort of 4,035 trap-nights during camera trap surveys targeted at tigers in the winter of 2016/2017.  Solitary dholes were camera-trapped from four locations within 27.45km2 area in Bardia National Park.  The evidence of a dead Dhole probably killed in retaliation shows the threat to the species.  Dholes co-exist in Bardia with sympatric carnivores like Tiger Panthera tigris, Leopard Panthera pardus, and Jackal Canis aureus

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