New distribution records in the orchid flora of Tripura, India

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Arjun Adit
Monika Koul
Rajesh Tandon


Ten species of orchids belonging to eight genera are recorded for the first time from Tripura State of India.  The taxa include Bulbophyllum affine Wall. ex Lindl., Bulbophyllum lobbii Lindl., Coelogyne suaveolens (Lindl.) Hook.f., Dendrobium tortile Lindl., Micropera pallida Lindl., Mycaranthes floribunda (D.Don) S.C.Chen & J.J.Wood, Pinalia acervata (Lindl.) Kuntze, Pinalia globulifera (Seidenf.) A.N.Rao, Thelasis khasiana Hook.f. and Trichoglottis ramosa (Lindl.) Senghas.  Geographical distribution along with detailed descriptions and photographs of the recorded species are provided.

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