First record of the Small Bamboo Bat Tylonycteris fulvida (Peters, 1872) (Mammalia: Chiroptera: Vespertilionidae) from Nepal

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Basant Sharma
Anoj Subedi
Bandana Subedi
Shristee Panthee
Pushpa Raj Acharya


A bamboo bat of the genus Tylonycteris was captured near Gupteshore Cave of Kushma in Parbat, Nepal.  Traditionally, two species of Tylonycteris (of T. pachypus complex and T. robustula complex) are known from the Indian subcontinent.  Due to inconsistency in taxonomic classification, several changes were recently made within the genus Tylonycteris—T. pachypus was corrected to T. fulvida and T. robustula to T. malayana.  The occurrence of Tylonycteris from Nepal’s diversified zoogeography, however, was never mentioned.  This note provides a new record of Tylonycteris from Nepal.  Based on morphological characteristics and species distribution range, this note confirms the captured species as T. fulvida.

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