Feeding trails of Dugong Dugong dugon (Müller, 1776) (Mammalia: Sirenia: Dugongidae) in the Gulf of Kachchh, western coast of India

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Deepak Apte
Dishannt Parasharya
Bhavik Patel


Dugong Dugong dugon (Müller, 1776) is the only herbivorous marine mammal distributed along the tropical and subtropical oceans of the Indo-Pacific regions.  The record of the species in India is mainly from the east coast including Andaman and Gulf of Mannar.  In this note the authors have recorded feeding trails of Dugong on the Halodule uninervis meadow in the Gulf of Kachchh, i.e., northwestern part of India. Most of the records of this species from this area are stranding records.  This is the second record of the trail from this region.

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