A checklist of rust fungi from Himachal Pradesh, India

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Ajay Kumar Gautam
Shubhi Avasthi


An updated analysis of the diversity of rust fungi in Himachal Pradesh is provided herein as a product of field surveys, of mycological analysis, and of all forms of published documentation and literature.  The results of all forms of analysis revealed that Himachal Pradesh has 167 species of rust fungi belonging to the class Pucciniomycetes.  The class is represented by 11 families, 23 genera with 167 species.  The Pucciniaceae (96 species) followed by Phragmidiaceae (14 species) are the largest families of rust fungi reported from the state.  Rest of the families were found associated with 1–10 species of rust fungi.  The rust fungi (19 species) with uncertain placement are placed in incertae sedis.  The rust genera reported from Himachal Pradesh so far are Aecidium, Chrysomyxa, Coleosporium, Frommea, Gymnosporangium, Kuehneola, Kweilingia, Melampsora, Monosporidium, Ochrospora, Peridermium, Phakopsora, Phragmidium, Pileolaria, Puccinia, Pucciniastrum, Pucciniostele, Ravenelia, Skierka, Uredinopsis, Uredo, Urocystis, and Uromyces


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