First record of the rare Furry Lobster Palinurellus wieneckii (De Man, 1881) (Decapoda: Palinuridae) from the Arabian Sea

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K. K. Idreesbabu
C.P. Rajool Shanis
S. Sureshkumar


Two female specimens of the Furry Lobster Palinurellus wieneckii (De Man, 1881) with a total length of 118mm and 114mm, respectively, were obtained from the coral reefs off Kavaratti Island, Laccadive Islands, west of India.  Only two species are currently recognized in this genus, which were described from a small number of specimens.  As P. wieneckii is very rare, the present report from the Lakshadweep Archipelago provides a valuable new distribution point, which is the first record for the Arabian Sea.  Illustrations and photographs are provided for this rare lobster.

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K. K. Idreesbabu, Department of Science and Technology, Kavaratti, Union Territory of Lakshadweep 682555, India

Scientist, Department of Science & Technolgy

C.P. Rajool Shanis, PG and Research Department of Aquaculture and Fishery Microbiology, MES Ponnani College, Ponnani, Kerala 679586, India

Assistant Professor 

Dept. of Aquaculture & Fishery Microbiology


S. Sureshkumar, School of Ocean Science and Technology, Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies, Panangad, Kochi, Kerala 682506, India


School of Ocean Science and Technology


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