Rediscovery, extended distribution and conservation assessment of Cinnamomum goaense (Lauraceae) in the Western Ghats, India

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M. P. Geethakumary
S. Deepu
A. G. Pandurangan


Cinnamomum goaense was proposed by Kostermans based on the collection from Karnataka, India.  The species was collected after a lapse of 57 years outside the type locality and forms a new record for Kerala.  A detailed description along with an illustrated distribution map and conservation status is provided.


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Geethakumary, M.P., S. Deepu & A.G. Pandurangan (2017). A new species of Cinnamomum and notes on the status of C. palghatensis in Western Ghats, India. Phytotaxa 326(4): 252–258;

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