Description of life stages of dung beetle Scaptodera rhadamistus (Fabricius, 1775) (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) with notes on nesting and biology

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Suvarna S. Khadakkar
Ashish D. Tiple
Arun M. Khurad


Immature stages of Scaptodera rhadamistus (Fabricius) are described for the first time along with notes on nidification and biology.  The larvae differ from other Scarabaeinae species in the structure of raster on tenth sternum with two irregular bunches of serrations ventrally one on either half.  Pupae with pronotum transverse having rounded margins resemble adults, and consist of four lateral, single caudal and single pteronotal support projection.  Adult males and females differ in coloration, structure of pronotum, presence of spine like process on mesosternum and, in the structure of male and female genitalia.

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Suvarna S. Khadakkar, Centre for Sericulture and Biological Pest Management Research (CSBR), RTM Nagpur University, North Ambazari Road, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022, India

PhD Student,

Centre for Sericulture and Biological pest management and Research,

RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur


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