First record of Bourret’s Horseshoe Bat Rhinolophus paradoxolophus (Mammalia: Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae) from Myanmar with a review of the taxonomy, distribution and ecology of the species

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Sai Sein Lin Oo
Du Sar No
Lucia Nang Seng
Ngwe Lwin
Malcolm Pearch
Paul J.J. Bates


Two specimens of Bourret’s Horseshoe Bat, Rhinolophus paradoxolophus, were recently collected from near Kalaw, western Shan State, Myanmar.  They represent the first country record of the species as well as a considerable western range extension.  A brief discussion of the taxonomic history of R. paradoxolophus is included along with a summary of its known ecology.  The distribution is mapped and shows a correlation with areas of limestone karst.

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