Some thoughts and reflections on the use of illustration in Biodiversity Education Campaigns

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S.D. Nash


The need to appreciate the interconnectedness of all life on Earth has never been more important than it is today, as our own species, mostly through ignorance, threatens to unravel the rich biological tapestry of which we are a part, and upon which we ultimately depend. Art, and especially imagery, can play a crucial role in reestablishing the profound and vital link between ourselves as individuals and the natural world. Recognizing this, conservationists are making ever more use of illustration in education campaigns worldwide on behalf of endangered wildlife and ecosystems. In this article I have tried to articulate my own feelings about nature, to trace the path that led me to work in this specialized area of art, and to relate some of the lessons I have learned applying illustration to conservation.

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S.D. Nash

Stephen D. Nash is a native of Great Britain, and has been Scientific Illustrator for Conservation International since 1989, producing images for conservation and biological publications. He is based at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, and is currently at work completing illustrations of every known primate taxon.