Early stages and larval host plants of some northeastern Indian butterflies

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Tarun Karmakar
R. Nitin
Vivek Sarkar
Sarika Baidya
Subhajit Mazumder
V. K. Chandrasekharan
Rudraprasad Das
G.S. Girish Kumar
Swapnil Lokhande
Joyce Veino
Lightson Veino
Rakoveine Veino
Zeeshan Mirza
Rajesh V. Sanap
Bimal Sarkar
Krushnamegh Kunte


Eastern Himalaya and northeastern India are part of two global biodiversity hotspots, yet the critical butterfly-plant associations and early stages of most butterfly species in this region are poorly recorded.  We have reported early stages and larval host plants of 78 butterfly species, some of which are rare and endemic, providing specific information on spatial and temporal details associated with these records.  These records contribute region-specific information on Indian butterflies, which may be useful in basic ecological and conservation studies in the future.


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