First records of Zinaspa todara distorta de Nicéville, 1887 and Arhopala rama ramosa Evans, 1925 (Lycaenidae: Theclinae) butterflies in Bangladesh

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Tania Khan
Mohammad Quamruzzaman Babu
Mohammad Ashraf Ul Hasan
Tahsinur Rahman Shihan
Prosenjit Debbarma


Zinaspa todara distorta de Nicéville, 1887 and Arhopala rama ramosa Evans, 1925 were recorded during the field survey from March 2016 to August 2016.  A total of four individuals were recorded in the Adampur Forest and Satchari National Park of Sylhet Division in northeastern Bangladesh.  These are the first records of these subspecies from Bangladesh.

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Tania Khan, SOUL (Save Our Unprotected Life) Organizaton


Mohammad Quamruzzaman Babu, Wildlife Conservaton Team of Bangladesh (WCTBD)


Mohammad Ashraf Ul Hasan, Jagannath University


Tahsinur Rahman Shihan, Jahangirnagar University

Department of Zoology and PhD researcher


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