First record of two rare brachyuran crabs: Drachiella morum Alcock, 1896 and Quadrella maculosa Alcock, 1898 along the Tamil Nadu coast, India

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Chinnathambi Viswanathan
Sampath Goutham
Vijayakumar Deepak Samuel
Pandian Krishnan
Ramachandran Purvaja
Ramachandran Ramesh


The present report describes the first record of two brachyuran crabs, Drachiella morum Alcock, 1896 and Quadrella maculosa Alcock, 1898 along the coast of Tamil Nadu, India.  The morphological characters of the specimens are described and discussed.  Among the two crabs, Q. maculosa was previously recorded only in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

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