First record of the predatory stinkbug Eocanthecona concinna (Walker, 1867) (Pentatomidae: Asopinae) from India

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Sadashiv Hanumant Waghmare
Sunil Madhukar Gaikwad


The genus Eocanthecona is distributed in oriental, Ethiopian and Australasian regions.  This genus is represented by 24 species from the world of which only five species are reported from India.  The bug Eocanthecona concinna was first reported from Hong Kong, China in 1867.  Later again reported from different regions of China and Taiwan in 1910, 1934, 1961 and 2013.  The review of literature indicates no record of E. concinna in India.  Hence, the report of this stinkbug from Kolhapur becomes first report for India and the geographic range of the species in China and Taiwan is extended towards India.

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