First record of the Two-striped Box Crab Calappa bilineata Ng, Lai & Aungtonya, 2002 (Brachyura: Calappidae) from St. Martin’s Island, Bangladesh

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Muntasir Akash
Mostafa A.R. Hossain


As part of survey of a BS (hons) study tour conducted by the Department of Zoology, University of Dhaka, two specimens of box crab were caught with a beach seine net from the northern beach in front of the Hotel Prince Heaven (20038’07.50â€N & 92019’34.68â€E) on new moon of 07th December 2012.  Those box crabs were identified as the Two Striped Box Crab Calappa bilineata Ng, Lai & Aungtonya, 2002 which is turned out as a new record for Bangladesh and a record for the northern part of the Bay of Bengal.


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Muntasir Akash, Research Assistant || Project ECOFISHBD || IUCN Bangladesh Country Office

MS & BS in Zoology || Department of Zoology || University of Dhaka


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