Additional information on the threatened Cryptocoryne cognata Schott (Araceae): A need for reassessment of the IUCN Red List status

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Sidanand V. Kambhar
Mahendra R. Bhise
Mayur M. Naik
Abhijeet L. Parab
Kamlakar H. Patil
Abhijeet P. Tawade
Vinayak K. Patil
Ajay D. Rane
Satish S. Narkhede
Sanjay G. Bhave


Cryptocoryne cognata Schott is a threatened species distributed in the entire Konkan stretch covering Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. It was rediscovered in 1990 after not being documented for one and half centuries. The data concerning its morphology, distribution and ecological preferences are presented in this paper in order to contribute to the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC) goals and to assist taxonomists in assessing and protecting this species from extinction in future.  


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