A checklist of the Long-horned Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) of Arunachal Pradesh, northeastern India with several new reports

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M. M. Kumawat
K. Mamocha Singh
V. V. Ramamurthy


Northeastern India is one of the hot spots of mega biodiversity of the world.  The collections of cerambycid beetles were made from the forest region of Arunachal Pradesh, India during 2008–2013.  A total of 49 species of cerambycids were collected during the survey, belonging to three subfamilies and a checklist of all the species is provided.  Taxonomic synonyms, bibiliography alongwith new distribution and list of host plants of the region are included.  Rhytidodera griseofasciata is reported for the first time from India, besides seven other species, viz., Nupserha nigriceps, Pterolophia (Hylobrotus) tuberculatrix, Neocerambyx grandis, Olenecamptus indianus, Obereopsis obscura obscura, Aristobia reticulator, and Sarothrocera lowii are being reported from Arunachal Pradesh for the first time. 

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Author Biographies

M. M. Kumawat, Department of Plant Protection, College of Horticulture and Forestry, Central Agricultural University, Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh 791102, India

Dr. M.M. Kumawat works as Assistant Professor.  Presently, he is the Principal Investigator of All India Network Project on Vertebrate Pest Management, especially on rodents. He is also actively engaged in research activities on biological control based management of crop pests.


K. Mamocha Singh, College of Post Graduate Studies, Central Agricultural University, Umiam (Barapani), Meghalaya 793103, India

Dr. K.M. Singh serves as Associate Professor. He has the experience of working in biological control of crop pests and weeds. Presently, he works on borer pests of agricultural crops.  


V. V. Ramamurthy, Network Project on Insect Biosystematics, Division of Entomology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi 110012, India

Dr. V.V. Ramamurthy has made significant contributions towards insect taxonomy in India, especially Coleoptera.  He has described many new genera and species of insects and mites. He has served as National Coordinator of ICAR Network Project on Insect Biosystematics. He is the Chief Editor of Oriental Insects and Indian Journal of Entomology. 



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