The sighting of Mandarin Duck Aix galericulata (Linnaeus) (Aves: Anseriformes: Anatidae) after a gap of 112 years in Assam, India

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Bipul Das
Anukul Nath
Koutuk Talukdar
Dipankar Lahkar
Gautam Swargiary
Binay K. Boro
Satan Ramchiary
Bibhuti P. Lahkar
Sonali Ghosh


A female Mandarin Duck Aix galericulata was sighted in Saatvoini Beel on February 10, 2014. The female of this species was characterized by grey head, with a white ring around the eye which continued as a streak behind it. In India Mandarin Duck is vagrant and there were very few reported records from India. In 1902, Baker reported six individuals Mandarin Duck on the Subansiri River, Assam. The present sighting of this species from Baksa district is the first reliable record of this species in Assam after a gap of 112 years. 

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