Twenty-three new records of mantodea (Insecta) from some states of India

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Tushar Kanti Mukherjee
Geetha Iyer
Parbati Chatterjee


Photography of mantises in their natural habitat clearly indicates the presence of a good number of species in our country. The study disclosed new records of 23 species of mantises from different forests and rural greens of India. Photographs are also provided. All photographs, unless specified otherwise, are by Geetha Iyer. None of the mantises were collected.

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Tushar Kanti Mukherjee, Associate Professor (retired) Presidency University, Kolkata

Retired Associate Professor.

Working as taxonomist at Zoological Survey of India as volunteer

Geetha Iyer, 2Consultant- Education, Suchindrum, Tamil Nadu 629704, India

Geetha Iyer - A teacher at heart, she is deeply involved in matters of school education and works and volunteers as an independent consultant in the twin fields of education and environment. Author of the book, “The Weavers. The curious world of insectsâ€. Writes for Teacher Plus on bringing biodiversity into the classroom; on insects for the magazine Frontline. Author of two text books on Environment Education; series Editor of middle school science text books, â€Science Now†and a nature photographer with an avid interest on entomofauna. 

Parbati Chatterjee, Vidyasagar Evening College, Kolkata 700006, India

Parbati Chatterjee - as a lecturer of Zoology in a Kolkata based college, she has to undertake regular tour to semi-urban and natural forests. Working on taxonomy of mantids for about eight years. Published more than 12 articles.


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