Threat status assessment of Ceropegia anjanerica Malpure et al. (Magnoliopsida: Gentianales: Apocynaceae) from Anjaneri Hills, Nashik District, Maharashtra, India

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Jui Pethe
Amit Tillu
Aparna Watve


Ceropegia anjanerica is endemic to the Anjaneri Hills area of Nashik District.  It is assessed as Critically Endangered as per the IUCN red list criteria using primary and secondary information on trends in EOO, AOO and sub-populations.  Factors affecting this species and its habitat, and community conservation efforts are described and recommendations are made for its protection. 


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Jui Pethe, Shripad, Vakratund R.H, Opp. Rama Raman Apt., Vrindavan Nagar, Kamatwade, Ambad, Nashik, Maharashtra 422010, India

Jui Pethe is an ecologist working in Northern Western Ghats. She has worked with different NGOs and State forest department in exploring the floristic diversity of Nashik area. She has a societal research fellowship awarded by the DST and is working with Nature Conservation Society of Nashik. 


Amit Tillu, Shripad, Vakratund R.H, Opp. Rama Raman Apt., Vrindavan Nagar, Kamatwade, Ambad, Nashik, Maharashtra 422010, India

Amit Tillu is an organic farmer. He is active in studying the biodiversity of Nashik District and works with school children for science popularization and environmental awareness generation. 


Aparna Watve, Biome Conservation Foundation, 34/6, Gulawani Maharaj Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411004, India Present address: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, School of Rural Studies, Tuljapur campus, Tuljapur, Maharashtra, India

Aparna Watve is an ecologist working in northern Western Ghats with special interest in rock outcrop ecology. She is currently at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Tuljapur and studies and teaches about human-environment interactions.



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