Stahlianthus involucratus (King ex Baker) Craib ex Loes.: a new record to the flora of Mizoram, India

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Ranbir Singh Rathi
Kanakasabhapathi Pradheep
Somnath Roy
Sanjeev Kumar Singh
Anup Kumar Misra


The botanical study of a germplasm, looking similar to Curcuma species and originally collected from the wild in Kolasib District of Mizoram, at the field genebank of ICAR-NBPGR Regional Station, Shillong, led to its confirmation and authentication as Stahlianthus involucratus (King ex Baker) Craib ex Loes.  Earlier, this taxon had been reported from the states of Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland and West Bengal (Darjeeling) in India; this report indicates its distribution in Mizoram also. Its description, phenology, habitat and other field notes, and usefulness have been highlighted here.


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