The lonely endemic Palni Hills Rudraksha Tree Elaeocarpus blascoi Weibel (Magnoliopsida: Malvales: Elaeocarpaceae), Tamil Nadu, India

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Dhanaraj Felix Irudhayaraj
Raju Ramasubbu


The study on exploration, phenology, floral morphology and seed biology of little known endemic species Elaeocarpus blascoi Weible were conducted in the forest areas of Palni hills. This study confirmed that only three individual existing in the wild; one mature individual available in the wild, whereas the other two individuals are under the conservation of NGO. The considerable percentage of tender shoots, flowers and fruits were infested by unidentified insects (aphids/ticks). The seed germination percentage in the natural habitat is very poor. The distribution and survival of species in the wild is questionable. The threat status of the species needs to be reassessed and updated as Endangered in the IUCN list and effective strategies to be developed to protect the species from further extinction.

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Dhanaraj Felix Irudhayaraj, The Gandhigram Rural Institute

Department of Biology, The Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu 624302, India

Raju Ramasubbu, The Gandhigram Rural Institute

Department of Biology, The Gandhigram Rural Institute, Gandhigram, Tamil Nadu 624302, India


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